Blow Vac Strainer Kit

Blow Vac Strainer Kit



The system consists of a control box which is hung out of harm's way and heavy duty strainer which is connected to the control box delivery outlet by an air hose.

The strainer is manufactured out of 6mm steel and has a 3mm steel cover which can withstand rubber tyre vehicles.

The system is designed to back flush the strainer with a blast of air usually every 2 seconds (adjustable to suit your material composition) stopping material entering the strainer and then entering your pump.

Maintenance is minimised, breakdowns eliminated and inspection time reduced and life expectancy of pump increased. No lubrication required.

Operating instructions and pressure vessel inspection certificates always included.

Strainer can be up to 6m from control box using a minimum of 20mm hose.

Images show the Blow Vac Strainer 2 inch suction and Control Box.