Megabolt Tensioner Kit



Megabolt Tensioning Unit:

  • Light weight jack – 17kg
  • 30 tonne capacity
  • All fittings certified to 10,000psi.
  • Provides easy access to Megabolt nut for tightening
  • Adaptable to suit flat plates and cup and saucer plates
  • The jacks extend to 75mm and has bolt plate locating lugs on jack headplate to keep it clear of the megabolt nut when tightening.
  • Complete kit supplied in robust steel tool box with protective plastic lining.
  • Now included is a tensioning spanner to Turn the Megabolt nut when the thread is tight or dirty. This will stop the need of hitting the nut with a hammer and causing damage to the shafts of the tensioning jack cylinders