Hydraulic Intensifier



  • Quick connect into any hydraulic machinery and will operate any 3,000 to 10,000psi equipment.
  • Available in single or double acting configuration.
  • The unit can be installed to electro and air hydraulic bolting machines, continuous miners, road headers even rapid face bolters. It will operate quicker and safer.
  • Without the need for as much servicing as an air operated unit.
  • It now comes with an adjustable pressure and flow valves so it can be fitted to your machine with out any costly modifications.
  • Load sensor port standard equipment.

Is designed to be used when the power plant (e.g. miner, drill rig ) has it’s own directional valve with a pressure reducing control and a flow adjustment control and just pressure intensification is required.

Has an onboard pressure reducing and flow adjustment controls. Directional valve is still on the machine suppling hydraulic pressure

A complete unit with a directional, pressure control and flow control valve