Grout Mixer



  • Light weight – all components can be easily lifted by one person
  • 150 litre thin grout capacity. 100 litre thick grout capacity – able to mix up to 8 x 20kg bags of thick grout
  • Fast and efficient mixing that minimises production of lumps or dry grout build up
  • Powerful, light weight motor:
    •  454 Nm (335 ft-lb) stall torque
    •  200rpm
    • 42 litres/s (90cfm) @ 689kPa (100 psi) air consumption 
    • 13.5kg
    • 86 dB(A)
  • Motor mounting frame is also a manifold for air reducing the number of “T” pieces and hoses needed
  • Open pumping chamber will pump down to 20mm. Easier to clean with no build up
  • Has its own built in lubricator